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We make software to recognise excellence

Your mission, powered by our mission

We’re Creative Force, a fully remote, globally distributed company.
Our mission is to make beautiful software to help you save time and money
while you make a difference to the world around us.

Our products

Award Force

Award Force is the leader in award management software, used by organisations from around the world to recognise excellence in their field. Best for awards, prizes and competitions. 

Good Grants

Good Grants helps savvy grantmakers receive good applications, make good grant decisions, ensure good fund allocation— managed end-to-end online. Perfect for grants, scholarships or funding programs. 

Trusted worldwide

We’re trusted by prestigous organisations to help them reward, award, recognise and fund deserving individuals, organisations and communities around the world.


In a world of busy, time is our most valuable commodity.
Creative Force’s purpose is to help you make the most of your time.
For the time you spend with Creative Force products to be time absolutely well spent.
And to give you time back to spend on the things you love.


Continuous improvement. We’re never satisfied with the status quo. We embrace change, always seeking better ways to do things, with less.


Single minded focus on pushing the boundaries to improve the value of our products and provide great experiences to your users.

Good design

Good design is good for business. Our powerful software and business processes hinge on elegance and simplicity.


Honest, transparent and fair. We own our mistakes and hold ourselves to high standards for the greater good of all we deal with. 


Technology is so often about individuals. Our technology is about community. The confluence of our clients, their users and our team. 


We never stop learning. We are humble enough to accept we are never the complete package. Yet we strive for it.

Pay it forward

We believe in empowering those who empower others. Our clients are the unsung heroes of our planet. 


We help guide and educate our clients to make better use of the technology around them.